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Caputo: Chapter Three—Letting Truth Be: Augustine, Derrida and the Postmodern Turn—Part One

The example Caputo has for us will come from him bringing together the “oddest of couplings”- St. Augustine and Jacques Derrida (1930-2004).  Here we have one of the great early Christian “Fathers of the Church” and a modern atheist, although … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Double dare…The idea that artificial intelligence equates to consciousness mistakes speed of calculation and quantity of information for the ability to reflect, understand humor, irony, serendipity, love, déjà vu, nostalgia,  sacrifice, a poem, music, art, literature, free-will, and a myriad … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup and…Good Friday as well…

Perhaps a good example (here too) of what happens when one allows their worldview to deny and repress what they know actually happened to them—what they actually experienced.  Sad.As noted many times before, the new atheismmirrors religious fundamentalism and operates … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Two—What Do We Do With Religious Truth?—Part Four

Picking up from the last train of thought in this series, Caputo notes again the importance of what is going on in this expression we call “religion”: “When people wear veils over their faces or go to church on Sunday … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Yes, please stop…Three negative reviews, wow, such is a “trouncing”?  Seriously?   It had many more positive reviews, so what does that mean?  I’m not even sure I agree with Mr. Kripal, but I love Coyne’s annoying and ridiculous belief that … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Two—What Do We Do With Religious Truth?—Part Three

As noted in the last post in this series, Caputo brings up the idea of “repetition”.  How does this help us think about “truth”?  I will quote at length: “I will have more to day about ‘repetition’ as we go … Continue reading

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