Friday Roundup

Yes, please stop…

Three negative reviews, wow, such is a “trouncing”?  Seriously?   It had many more positive reviews, so what does that mean?  I’m not even sure I agree with Mr. Kripal, but I love Coyne’s annoying and ridiculous belief that anyone who disagrees with him is “bashing” science.  If Coyne represents “science” and is bothered by other such academics, then all you scientists out there should be embarrassed for him.

The best comments here on the passing of Fred Phelps.

Dignity and rights—the “uneasy” marriage.

Pretty hard to make an ally of those considered “similar” to psychotics and who imbibe something more dangerous than alcohol.

Interesting review of the movie “Noah” here.

Atheism and the demand for evidence in a nutshell (Yes, I know it’s the Onion—I get it—still, the same mentality is basically there…).

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  1. Burk Braun says:


    Thanks for the links. I think brainwashing remains a pretty good term for what goes on in Sunday school, et al. That is what this whole “reasonable” debate is about.. if a belief isn't reasonable, but, really flies in the face of rather evident reality, (and requires faith), then pushing it on the kids is brainwashing. And can be child abuse, as the writer says, in more extreme situations. There is a great book we are reading right now, why be happy when you could be normal? which is one example.

    Loved the Onion piece. It really does put the perplexity quite well. Why all the hiddenness and mystery? Why hire the fred pheps's of the world to do your bidding when a little direct action would do so, so much good? One gets the impression that she doesn't really care very much, if she exists at all. Sorry- is that not “sophisticated” enough for you? Like the maunderings of Millbank better? Well, I would suggest that your idea of sophistication is just a little self-serving, giving you a pass from simple logic and reality.


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