Friday Roundup

Yes, it is indeed “woo- woo”…

And disgusted they should be…

“If my salad at lunch were suddenly to deliver itself of such an opinion, my only thought would be ‘What a very stupid salad.’”

On Heidegger, what say you?

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1 Response to Friday Roundup

  1. Burk says:

    Really, this emission from Mr. Hart takes the cake entirely. “… immune to logical rigor”? What on earth is he talking about? Not about theology, to be sure. To posit a magical being outside any investigation or natural effect, but who nevertheless communicates with us generally all the time, and specifically to “special people”, as well as creating everything, etc. etc.. Doesn't that just make your eyes water?

    The culture has indeed reached an impasse, because the invocations of logic by Hart and friends are like FOX new's invocations of fair and balanced. Pure propaganda. Which reminds me of that super-excellent new film, God's not dead.

    Thanks for the Heidegger link.. I am very intrigued, but have not read the piece yet.


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