Friday Roundup

Happy fiftieth to a great movie

The postmodern comes to economics

“…Piketty goes on, ‘To put it bluntly, the discipline of economics has to get over its childish passion for mathematics and for purely theoretical and often highly ideological speculation, at the expense of historical research and collaboration with the other social sciences.’”

Gage continues to fascinate (and haunt) and probably always will.

This topic is always interesting…

Another book added to my reading list…

And from the author

Forget it then…

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  1. RonH says:

    Sorry, but “Why I am an Atheist Who Believes in God” as a title just sounds… stupid. I guess I'm not pomo enough to “resonate with those contours” or whatever I'm supposed to do. I think Franky Schaeffer got a little too messed up somewhere along the line. Besides, he seems to have turned reinventing himself into a hobby. Maybe I'll read his memoirs when he's hit 80 and settled down a bit. Until then….


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