Friday Roundup

  • The postmodern continues to infuse aspects of art, media…
  • Like the ripples from a stone thrown into a pond, we are still living with the aftermath of World War I.
  • I guess all these people (and many others) are not “scientifically inclined” and their views clash with “science”…wow, shouldn’t someone tell them?  I wonder if the institutions they work for know this.
  • Quite correct, a “say” but not the final say

“I conclude that one cannot be scientistic without being epistemically vicious; however, one can be epistemically vicious without being scientistic. The epistemic vice of closed-mindedness arises in both scientism and new atheism, on the one hand, and in their fundamentalist religious opponents, on the other. None of those three are epistemically virtuous and this compromises the possibility of constructive critical dialogue between them—each is guilty of what they charge their opponent of being.”

  • Poor Dr. Nagel…he clearly never got the memo that Natural Selection and something called “Science” has settled all this… (And he’s an atheist!)
  • Let’s just be honest here…it’s because of (d)

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