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Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Eve.  I will be offline for the next several days.  I wish all a very holy and Merry Christmas and New Year.  Here is a wonderful Christmas meditation for your reflection.  Peace, grace, and love to all.

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Final Postscript (we hope) on Nietzsche

From many of the comments regarding Nietzsche, it is clear more needs to be said, or re-said, since most of this was pointed out in my or other’s responses in the comments. From the Stanford source on Nietzsche, some points … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Six—Truth in the Postmodern Situation—Part One

After narrating our philosophical history and showing how we arrived here, Caputo brings us up to our current time.  Regardless what one thinks of his reading of that history, in its general outline, in its general emphasis, in its general … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Wow, I guess these guys never got the memo that climate change is a “particularly unhelpful example” of where simply knowing the “facts” and “evidence” doesn’t equal agreement. You know what they did agree upon?  “In any case, the scientists did agree … Continue reading

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Second Postscript on Nietzsche

Another great interpreter of Nietzsche, because he takes him seriously, is David B. Hart.  Hart is still considered by many to be America’s best living theologian.  From this essay I have quoted, in length, where he turns to Nietzsche in … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Imagine the cognitive dissonance that must come from living out of a reaction against (the total world-wide human population now, and every age, has been overwhelmingly religious), a constant protest, the accumulation of bitterness toward the majority, history, the preponderance … Continue reading

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