Friday Roundup

  • Amen: “Meanwhile, one lesson that we can take from all of this is that it is wise to assume a position of epistemic humility. Just because we see something in a certain way doesn’t mean that everyone else will see it in the same way. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that our perception necessarily corresponds to anything in the real world. A situation like this calls for the hedging of one’s bets, and that means to keep an open mind. Something to remember next time you disagree with someone.”
  • A needed reflection (and corrective unpacking) to my last Friday’s link regarding ‘thought experiments’…I too was uneasy with some of the earlier writer’s thoughts…
  • True: “Both sides spring, in other words, from the same intellectual tradition. They are warring brothers, trapped in an invisible fish tank, breathing the water of the Enlightenment without being cognizant of doing so.”
  • Is racism derivative of liberalism?
  • He lived long and he did prosper…go boldly good sir…go boldly…
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