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No Ability to do Otherwise?

Clearly Jerry Coyne is a philosophical naturalist, atheist, and also, in my mind, a fundamentalist.  I’m just wondering what anyone out there might make of this recent essay of his.  Do you agree, disagree, partially agree or disagree?  And why.  … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Jeffrey Taylor, like Maher, is a bigot too- but he’s also just not very smart.  Bad combination. Good advice… Ask an atheist… So long FM…in some places anyway… Almonds: Good or Bad for California? What is reason? What is religion? … Continue reading

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How I Might Respond

Amanda Marcotte has written here regarding what she considers ‘egregious’ myths perpetuated by the ‘religious’ against atheists.  When you look at the fundamentalists on both sides here, both the secular and religious variety, there are myths perpetuated by each against … Continue reading

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More “Before Auschwitz”

Here is another review of the book I noted in an earlier post.  Some quotes: “For this to work as intended, it is essential that one avoids what Hinlicky calls “the retrospective fallacy.” In studying the history of Nazism, all … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Word: “You know what you call someone who makes sweeping generalizations of billions of people based on the extreme actions of a few? A bigot. Bill Maher, for example, is a bigot. And if you’re a fan of his smug, … Continue reading

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René Girard

I’ve heard a lot about René Girard for years and been intrigued, but had yet to get around to reading him.  I’m finally making my way through one of his books, and I love it.  I will now probably read … Continue reading

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Ideas Have Consequences

This looks like a fascinating book, given the perspective and history of the author.  Here is a review where the author then responds.  From the review: “Hinlicky lays special stress on what he calls the ‘modernism’ of the Holocaust’ (108). … Continue reading

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When God was an Atheist

This essay caught my eye during Holy Week.  As we are only a few days removed from Easter and Holy Week, I want to take a moment to focus on Saturday—the day in-between.  We most often focus on Friday, the … Continue reading

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Friday (belated) Roundup

Actions speak louder than words… The right way to do and think about, so-called, ‘Christian‘ music… Unbelievable… An idol is an idol and I don’t believe in this one either… What does this say about the Bible-belt? Indeed greatly exaggerated… … Continue reading

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Good Friday

“The crucified Christ became the brother of the despised, abandoned and oppressed. And this is why brotherhood with the ‘least of his brethren’ is a necessary part of brotherhood with Christ and identification with him. Thus Christian theology must be … Continue reading

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