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Friday Roundup

Perspective is everything and something that can’t be programmed into computers…it has to do with colors and that, “Color is not an object of sight but a way of seeing things,” Fundamentalism fails again… Given the recent discussion regarding ‘mystery’ … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

“…I find this story distressing…”  Me too. For television, Mad Men was genius—a work of art.  I will miss it. (Spoilers) Rene Girard on desire and consumerism… I stand with Dean…I stand with his right to speak and not be … Continue reading

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Trading One Certainty for Another (or the Delusion of Certainty)

I came across this essay recently and I thought I would engage it a bit.  The writer seems, to me anyway, to be making the same mistake that many former evangelicals/fundamentalists do once they walk away from those traditions/mindsets, which … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Damon Linker comes home…takes the long way around… This is probably a good thing…because what it means is probably this… The understatement of the year: “For all their eloquence, their arguments are often banal.” Religion is always present; it just … Continue reading

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The recent comment thread to this post gives occasion to clarify and expand on some of the issues surrounding the objective-subjective conversation in relation to morality/ethics. First of all, let’s clear up some common misunderstandings.  There is a subjective component … Continue reading

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Friday (belated) Roundup

Indeed, why do we? Agreed… So some think Maher isn’t a bigot; I disagree, but I do agree with this observation… “Maher’s questions were those one might expect from a literal-minded, fairly dim-witted ten year-old stuck in Sunday school who was trying to … Continue reading

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