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Friday Roundup

Trading doubt for certainty can work both ways… “What today’s freethinkers want is freedom from doubt, and the prevailing version of atheism is well suited to give it to them.” Why we still need Shakespeare… Is there something about biochemistry that … Continue reading

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Love, Pumpkins, Mystery, and the Unknowable

This post is in reference to this post and this one, and the comment thread to each.  Each gives the background to what I hope to discuss here.  I give these references for context.  Anyone can read each and see … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Speaking of mystery… Two sides of the same coin…the undoing of classical liberalism… “The two liberalisms were always in tacit, secret alliance. They have now more explicitly fused to proffer the shared creed of the left that recently embraced economic … Continue reading

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(Belated) Friday Roundup

“The problem is rather that the supposedly ‘secular’ world invents its own liturgies, with pretensions every bit as ‘sacred’ as those of the Christian liturgy, and these liturgies can come to rival the church’s liturgy for our bodies and our minds.” “The other … Continue reading

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