(Belated) Friday Roundup

  • “The problem is rather that the supposedly ‘secular’ world invents its own liturgies, with pretensions every bit as ‘sacred’ as those of the Christian liturgy, and these liturgies can come to rival the church’s liturgy for our bodies and our minds.”

  • “The other half—the one that’s missing here—is a thirst for new and unfamiliar ways of seeing; which is to say, curiosity.”

  • To this: “But we can stop framing the issue in terms of Inalienable Science vs. Stupid Naysayers, and be more open about the particular, very human process by which laboratory findings become public knowledge. That openness might include teaching kids a bit of philosophy as part of their science classes”, we can only say, amen.

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  1. RonH says:

    Apropos of nothing (but, hey, it's a roundup post!), I am almost finished with Eric Kaplan's book Does Santa Exist?. It's an unusual, highly accessible, and entertaining discussion of the nature of philosophical inquiry. Kaplan is a writer for “The Big Bang Theory”, and is a rather intelligent and amusing fellow. I find his approach to be quite appealing and — bonus! — he even references Chesterton towards the end. But not to fear, all you rational types: I learned about the book through a recommendation from Sean Carroll on his blog (and he also blurbs for the cover).

    You can play the clever “Choose Your Own Adventure” trailer.


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