Friday Roundup

  • Wow, another interesting link between spirit and music…(which would entail having a world-view that provided room for such a view) imagine that…

“You’re an atheist, and yet I don’t ever see you sneer at religion in the way that the very aggressive atheist class right now often will. What do you make of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and the religion critics who seem not to have respect for religions for faith?”
“I regard them as adolescents. I say in the introduction to my last book, ‘Glittering Images’, that ‘Sneering at religion is juvenile, symptomatic of a stunted imagination.’  It exposes a state of perpetual adolescence that has something to do with their parents– they’re still sneering at dad in some way.” 
“…And this kind of snark atheism–let’s just invent that term right now–is stupid, and people who act like that are stupid. Christopher Hitchens’ book “God is Not Great” was a travesty. He sold that book on the basis of the brilliant chapter titles. If he had actually done the research and the work, where each chapter had the substance of those wonderful chapter titles, then that would have been a permanent book. Instead, he sold the book and then didn’t write one–he talked it. It was an appalling performance, demonstrating that that man was an absolute fraud to be talking about religion.  He appears to have done very little scholarly study.  Hitchens didn’t even know Judeo-Christianity well, much less the other world religions.  He had that glib Oxbridge debater style in person, but you’re remembered by your written work, and Hitchens’ written work was weak and won’t last.  Dawkins also seems to be an obsessive on some sort of personal vendetta, and again, he’s someone who has never taken the time to do the necessary research into religion.”

  • What not to say to an atheist…good to know…(Bernard, when he changed his mind were the laws of physics violated?)

  • On the mythical origins of science…

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2 Responses to Friday Roundup

  1. Burk says:

    Hi, Darrell-

    It really escapes me what you saw in the “mythical origins of science” article. Ancient science was not the same as modern science? What a news bulletin! The sneer at Aristotle not being a natural scientist is truly bad-mannered as well as wrong. His enormous advancement in that direction is one reason his works were so treasured and preserved. He was the archetypal scientist as well as philosopher for the Islamic and Christian medieval age. The idea that early science was done by religious people has, unfortunately, little statistical weight since everyone and all cultures were religious.. secularity had not been invented. Though, in fairness the concept of atheism had been, and it was atheists who were some of the more foresightful protoscientists, in the school of Democritus, et al. Even Aristotle dismissed common religions, praying, etc.. in favor of some vague deism.


  2. Darrell says:

    Ummmm, see Camille Paglia.


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