Friday Roundup

  • Seeing “through the eyes of the outcast rather than the conqueror”

  • Atheism on trial? “However, our search has forced us to a conclusion that may sound somewhat uncharitable, and there is no longer a way to avoid it: atheism is irrational.”

  • Have modernity and naturalism provided the philosophical foundations for the present ecological and economic crisis?

“In committing to this a priori view, modern science has proven undeniably “fruitful” – albeit in a very particular and dangerously limiting sense. That is, it has greatly advanced the “discovery” of the kind of nature that those pursuing its study had evidently sought, namely, nature as “resource,” as property, as something to subdue, manipulate, and render subservient to human desire and curiositas. Inevitably, such a paradigm has also come at a price, one that we are just now beginning to grasp, and that has become all but impossible to deny, the global and trans-generational costs of this appropriative model, preeminently in the form of ecological devastation wrought by consumable “products” extracted from nature and, of course, in the frightening reality of irreversible climate change… Flushed with a sense of mastery, ownership, and seemingly infinite prospects of capitalizing on nature qua “resource,” post-Hobbesian societies gradually and to varying degrees lost sight of the other dimension of nature…”
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