Friday Roundup

  • I note this just because something stood out in this article, which is an article about a rock-band—not something I normally write about here.  What struck me was how something I do write about on this blog had found its way into something mainstream, into popular culture.  That is when you know world-views are shifting.  It may begin in the academy, but it ends on the street.  And I agree: “yawn”.  Oh, and check out Rival Sons, they are very good.

“A journo mate noted how the music industry wasn’t just amoral, but post-moral. If our default cultural position is either a middle-brow ‘scientism’ – only science can tell us about reality, yawn – or the flimsy, self-centred spirituality that Webster despises, how odd to be religious. And maybe, in a post-moral music industry, it’s even odder to be a rock musician and religious.”

  • I agree.  But I can use the word “immoral” as if it meant something beyond “I’m emoting differently than you”.  Who cares what you’re emoting or I?  And believing that such is all that is being said when we speak of something being immoral, will never, ever, change things.  In fact, it is the very best way to ensure nothing ever changes.

  • Reading from the two books…fundamentalists only read one or the other…they are not well-read…

  • Sacrifice to appease the gods is still with us, and we Americans are really good at it.
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