Friday Roundup (Belated)

The new white man’s burden
“Harris’ belief, doubtless genuine, that he is acting on behalf of ‘civilization’ is oddly reminiscent of the ‘White Man’s Burden,’ held by turn-of-the-century colonialists who saw themselves as civilizers making great sacrifices to bring progress to the “backward” barbarians they ruthlessly colonized.”
The new atheists truly, I mean really, seriously, believe they are the only rational actors—and they believe it with the same sort of matter-of-factness the “barbarians” believe they are doing god’s will.  They are both fundamentalists.  Period.  A pox on both houses.
“What this goes to show is that, at the end of the day, many New Atheists would rather have a quasi-fascist yet nominally secular dictatorship than a democratic moderate Islamist government.”

There it is.  Let’s just be honest.  This would be fine with most new atheists. 

The fullness of reason is Faith.  I would go even further and say that reason is impossible without trust or faith, which is a certain disposition or way of seeing things—a way that in itself cannot be reasoned to or is founded empirically.  The person who poses faith against reason does so…by faith.  In the very doing, in the very suggestion or assertion, he contradicts himself and becomes a walking contradiction.

So true…and, learning to laugh at ourselves may be one of the best acidic remedies to fundamentalism.  It helps melt away that which is false leaving behind the truth for us to better see and understand.
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