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The Justified Use of Violence/Power, Part One

It became rather clear (see here and the comment section) given the comments by Bernard and Burk, that both misunderstood my post on ethics and power.  So, here I will attempt to come at the same point but from a … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Here is another atheist, and self-described “pagan” I can find common ground with.  Here we see an atheist taking the post-modern turn seriously and how a modern or fundamentalist sensibility is not limited to religious people (See Rob). Notice, the … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Language or affect?  Or, could it be that soul or spirit gives birth to both…Einstein was right…again…fascinating. The importance of carnival… Perhaps Bernie isn’t that radical at all? Is there no getting past religion?  No, there isn’t. 2. “There’s no … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Another atheist I can agree with on so much: “Another consequence of fetishizing the often ill-defined might of “logic and reason” and a narrow comprehension of science is scientism…When I use the word scientism, I’m referring to mindsets that either … Continue reading

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