Friday Roundup

Language or affect?  Or, could it be that soul or spirit gives birth to both…

Einstein was right…again…fascinating.

The importance of carnival

Perhaps Bernie isn’t that radical at all?

Is there no getting past religion?  No, there isn’t.

2. “There’s no future in your ‘frontin’.

Why not hold our enthusiasms out with open hands? We can play at detachment. We can act as if it’s only other people with baggage, strange ideas about how the world works; only other people who exist within a context. But how alarmingly uncool is that? As MC Breed once observed, there’s no future in our ‘frontin’. When we deploy the word religious, we mustn’t speak as if we’ve gotten to the bottom of another person with an adjective, an adjective we’re unwilling to see applied to ourselves. Why not don the mantle of the merely human and see ourselves as human beings among human beings? Do we hope to extricate ourselves from the fact of other people?”
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