Friday Roundup

A positive take on atheism here

This looks like an interesting read and will go on my list…

Okay, this is scary

A good review (also critical) I missed of David Hart’s wonderful book The Experience of God.  A good quote:

“Hart is an Eastern Orthodox Christian, but The Experience of God is, as the above suggests, wonderfully ecumenical: he draws with ease on the Upanishads, Sufi poetry, Islamic philosophy, and the Church Fathers to support his thesis that ‘naturalism—the doctrine that there is nothing apart from the physical order, and certainly nothing supernatural—is an incorrigibly incoherent concept, and one that is ultimately indistinguishable from pure magical thinking.’”

I couldn’t agree more.

I love the Onion

And the Babylon Bee

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5 Responses to Friday Roundup

  1. RonH says:

    I really liked that piece by Melinda. She's right. More than anything, my atheist friends have led me to confront where I've allowed dogma or loyalty to theological formulations to subvert reason and common sense. I think I'm actually a better Christian for knowing them. And, frankly, they aren't bothered when I say that.

    Of course, since I retain my belief in God, I'm still just a silly, insecure child who isn't prepared to sit at the Reasoning Table with all the Grown-Ups like Burk. Alas, I'll have to sit with Paul Wallace and his ilk. I haven't read his book, although I've thought about getting it. I've had his blog in my RSS reader for ages.


  2. Darrell says:


    I couldn't agree more. Sometimes I think Christians should spend more time talking to atheists than other like-minded Christians, which can just become an echo chamber. And atheists should do the same. Thanks for the blog link to Wallace, I was not aware of his work–I will check it out.


  3. Burk says:

    Hi, Darrell-

    It doesn't sound to me like Hart's god is a very prayable kind of guy. Or a guy who relates at all to the old testament. It seems, really, like another in a long line of rhetorical evasions of anything coherent, in favor of everything.. and nothing.


  4. Burk says:

    And a positive take on atheism? Please. With friends like these….

    “God, with a small laugh, replied, “And who is the Good, the Beautiful and the True?”
    It was one of those moments of wry tenderness that I treasure most in my relationship with God. So of course I went on believing.”

    This person needs to be committed, not hyperlinked.


  5. Darrell says:


    As to Hart, I have no idea what you are telling us here…where you pulled those observations from we can only guess, certainly not from the link provided, but oh well…

    As to the link regarding atheism, wow, “committed” really? It's always nice to see who the truly unreasonable and radical people are in the conversation. We can only hope atheists are never allowed the keys to the car, or kingdom, or anything else really as the “committing” would no doubt begin.


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