Friday Roundup

The odds almost sound…miraculous

With the rise of Trump, this almost becomes a compelling case…

And a suicide mission it would be…

One can see we are in the post-modern when a story in the Atlantic begins this way:
“The stories we tell ourselves, far more than the evidence of scientific analysis, determine how we interpret the world around us. Accordingly, the fate of capitalism rests in no small measure on the real and imagined characters whose ethics and efforts, at any given time, seem to embody the system. Whether the system is identified with Bill Gates or Bernie Madoff, Horatio Alger or Gordon Gekko, opinions about how exactly capitalism works, no less than its moral fitness, reflect the heroes and villains who drive these tales.

To the few who peruse this blog and are American citizens I beg of you not to vote for Donald Trump.  I wouldn’t trust this man to run a small town in the middle of nowhere.  As David Hart put it, this is the man one flees at parties.  He is a bore, a buffoon, a small minded, mean spirited shell of a person.  How we even came to this place is beyond me.  God help us.
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