Friday Roundup

As I’ve been saying:

“Opposition to scientific accounts — whether of human origins, climate change, or the healthfulness of GMO food — is never just a matter of disagreement over the facts. Instead, the knowledge that we wear acts as a badge to announce ourselves to the world that emerges out of a thick matrix of dispositions, histories, and identities.”

Feathery, not leathery?

I hope to see as many of these as possible…

Too little too late, but what one of my favorite theologian/philosophers had to say about Trump:
“How obvious it seems to me now. Cold, grasping, bleak, graceless, and dull; unctuous, sleek, pitiless, and crass; a pallid vulgarian floating through life on clouds of acrid cologne and trailed by a vanguard of fawning divorce lawyers, the devil is probably eerily similar to Donald Trump—though perhaps just a little nicer.”
Read the whole thing here

Some of the best analysis I’ve read of the Trump “win” and what it might mean…

Along with The Onion, I love the Borowitz Report…here and here
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4 Responses to Friday Roundup

  1. Burk says:

    Thanks for telling us about the new site. Are there particular advantages?
    … “the knowledge that we wear”… How appropriate to call it worn, instead of thought.


    • Burk,

      I just thought I would give it a try and see if I like it better than blogger. I do like some of the visuals and formatting better than blogger but not sure of any real advantages.


  2. Happy Christmas to you and yours, Darrell, and as always, thanks for the conversation.

    In a world that is increasingly comfortable with polarized views, I do admire your willingness to engage thoughtfully with those whose views differ from your own. It strikes me as being exactly what we need.

    I do regret that too often we fall into faux conflicts, very often nothing more than differences in terminology, when for the most part we are complete agreement. To the extent that this is my fault (and very often it is) my humble apologies.

    We agree that in a crucial sense it is story all the way down. We agree that their many kinds and levels of knowledge, and to attempt to force all contemplation between any particular filter can lead only to absurdity. We agree that we must embrace beliefs that can not be rationally justified, if we are to live well, and that as such a very great range of beliefs can be regarded as reasonable. We agree that religion, like all systems of apprehension, has its good and bad versions, and to assail the weakest form as representative achieves nothing useful. And at the practical and important level of what constitutes desirable behaviour, I doubt we would find much to disagree upon either. I’m sure I could go on, but you take my point.

    So, again, may I wish you the very best for this season that is precious to you. Go well my friend.



    • Bernard,

      Sorry for the late response. Thank you for the thoughtful reflections. You are right in many ways here. I too wish you and everyone a very Merry Christmas and New Year.



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