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Friday Roundup

Here is an atheist who is at least trying.  Here is someone I can “hear” and even agree with on many levels.  He is also extremely insightful—there is much to learn here. How fast is the universe expanding?  And did … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup (belated)

Before I get to some items of casual interest, I wanted to note some further unpacking of the concept or idea of holistic reasoning. It was extremely interesting to read some of the comments, going back several posts, regarding my … Continue reading

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Friday Round-up

The postmodern turn continues and it is not about denigrating “facts” but putting them in context, understanding them from within a story… “Facts (or the lack thereof) mean very little to people caught up in storylines. The best way to … Continue reading

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Again, Whence the Agnosticism?

First: Happy New Year!  Now, let’s review the last several posts (not counting Friday Roundup) and conversations: Objection 1. While God or some spiritual aspect to existence may exist, we could know nothing of either, or, if we could, it … Continue reading

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