Friday Roundup

Here is an atheist who is at least trying.  Here is someone I can “hear” and even agree with on many levels.  He is also extremely insightful—there is much to learn here.

How fast is the universe expanding?  And did you know finding out may lead to a “new physics”?

So, Americans, whether as tax payers (unlike Trump) or as consumers, will still pay for the wall.

We can only hope

What can you see?  Or not see?  Why do you choose to “see” it that way?  That is faith.  It is not believing without reason or despite the evidence; it is “seeing” even if we are saying we don’t “see” it that way or see anything at all.  Faith is simply being human.  Again, welcome to the club everyone.

From the link:

“I don’t think we’re being unreasonable when we look the scientific data squarely in the eyes and see something more at work. That something more is not in the gaps we don’t understand scientifically, but in the beauty and elegance of it all. There are difficult things we see too, and integrity demands we talk about them honestly. Still, it is reassuring to me how often through the eyes of faith we can see hints of the difficult things serving bigger purposes and even being transformed in the end.”



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