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Friday Roundup

“Facts” it turns out, are not always facts… Here is what might help people understand why “facts” are not always facts…and why such does not diminish science… And more here: I couldn’t agree more: “The human soul longs for a beautiful … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Materialism comes up short again… Again, facts don’t change people’s minds…narratives do… For St. Patrick’s day, what’s happening in Ireland… Instead of fearing the “religious” we better begin to fear the secular, nationalists, white or otherwise… The shy wizard pulling … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Facts don’t change minds: narratives do, of which facts are only one part. Must behavior come before the electrodes are attached? Should we keep material money even if only for reasons of privacy? Is atheism possibly aiding Trumpism? “The narrative … Continue reading

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