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Friday Roundup

When you don’t really understand something, just call Captain Metaphysics! The march for science wasn’t anti-religion and neither are most scientists. Rather than the supposed cure, education may have different effects when it comes to Christianity and community. ‘I want … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup

Are human rights more than just legal conventions?  I think so.  The writer wants them to be, but I don’t think he quite gets there.  At least he recognizes the depth of the problem. Can a scientist believe in the … Continue reading

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He is Risen

Some Easter reflections…and satire here, here, here, and here

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Friday Roundup

The postmodern continues to become the operating logic, which if done wisely, is a good thing… “So reality is not simply out there, waiting to be uncovered. ‘Truth is not born nor is it to be found inside the head … Continue reading

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