Friday Roundup

On duck sex, patriarchy, female autonomy, and the idea that perhaps “…sexual selection can act independently of natural selection…”

On the importance of Plato and philosophy in general as an antidote to the idea we are “…the apex of intelligence, and cannot believe that the quaint clothes and cumbrous phrases of former times can have invested people and thoughts that are still worthy of our attention…”

The current state of most lay discussions regarding deconstruction and even postmodernity

Does science equal atheism?  No.

Is science broken? Psychology and its methods? Scientific methods/sampling/controls/methodology? Is ESP real?

Indeed, Marx, “…deals a powerful blow to secular political economy. But it’s a surprise only to those who begin from an assumption of secularity, who expect they will discover a mysticism-free zone deep down…”  Nope, it is faith or religion (devotion/belief/mystery) all the way down.

Just when you think it can’t get worse

Again, if we weren’t laughing, we would be crying

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