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Is the Universe a Causally Closed System-and What About our Brains?

Well, we finally get to it.  All this time, this is what Bernard has really been arguing.    All the convolutions, contortions, circling, and looping could have been prevented if only at the very first, it would have been asserted: The … Continue reading

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Nagel: A Voice of Reason

Thomas Nagel’s new book, Mind and Cosmos, has many naturalists and atheists all bent out of shape and throwing hissy fits.  Why?  Because Nagel is an atheist and claims to not have a religious bone in his body.  His more … Continue reading

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More Voices of Reason and Blundering into the Abyss

Cracks in the edifice here.Nagel has hit the naturalists where they hurt most: namely, by taking their philosophy with the seriousness it deserves and then forcing upon them an existential decision. Unfortunately the politically correct version of naturalism that currently … Continue reading

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Voices of Reason

Here is another voice of reason out there…gives one hope. I say this as someone who cannot imagine believing what he believes. But even those who cannot accept the theist alternative should admit that Plantinga’s criticisms of naturalism are directed … Continue reading

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Good Reads

These look like good books, here and here. They are definitely on my list of future reads. Nice endorsement for Plantinga’s book: “It’s astonishing that so many scientists, philosophers, and theologians think there is a serious conflict between science and … Continue reading

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