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Sorry, Your Philosophy is Not Science or Fact and Neither is Mine–One of Them May be True However

Before we get to the matter of our metaphysical frameworks/narratives not being “science” or “fact” let’s start here and herewhere we are told our brains are not computers and that the mind will remain a mystery to science.  And, I … Continue reading

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The Great Disconnect

A perennial problem in any exchange or conversation with atheists/agnostics heavily invested in scientism is the complete misunderstanding of the terms and concepts used by Christians specifically, and philosophers in general.  Now, do Christians also misunderstand the terms and concepts … Continue reading

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Trading One Certainty for Another (or the Delusion of Certainty)

I came across this essay recently and I thought I would engage it a bit.  The writer seems, to me anyway, to be making the same mistake that many former evangelicals/fundamentalists do once they walk away from those traditions/mindsets, which … Continue reading

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How I Might Respond

Amanda Marcotte has written here regarding what she considers ‘egregious’ myths perpetuated by the ‘religious’ against atheists.  When you look at the fundamentalists on both sides here, both the secular and religious variety, there are myths perpetuated by each against … Continue reading

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It’s Complicated

This is a very interesting essay.  There is a discussion going on right now between several atheists regarding how they should engage theists.  As one might imagine, I agree with Mr. Chituc.  Two quotes: “This is all to say that … Continue reading

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Second Postscript on Nietzsche

Another great interpreter of Nietzsche, because he takes him seriously, is David B. Hart.  Hart is still considered by many to be America’s best living theologian.  From this essay I have quoted, in length, where he turns to Nietzsche in … Continue reading

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An Honest Atheist

A quick aside and then on to my next post.  There are just so many good things here, but I will pick out a few. As Hamblin’s case makes clear, even defenses of religion in the publications of university presses … Continue reading

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Here’s the Answer to your Question: You’re an Idiot.

I came across this and thought a better title might have been the title to this post.  Look, I know there are Christians and other theists that ask these questions in a way where they do seem to be implying … Continue reading

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Speaking of Psychology…

Interesting thoughts here… An article by Frans De Waal that seeks to understand why “Militant Atheism Has Become a Religion” seems relevant here. As an Emory psychology professor who conducts research on primate behavior, and an atheist himself, his criticism … Continue reading

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“Sleeping Furiously”

Good stuff here and funny too. In my interactions with religious and nonreligious people alike, I now draw a sharp line, based not on what exactly they believe but on their level of dogmatism. I consider dogmatism a far greater … Continue reading

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