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I must add this to my reading list… Suggestion here for RonH… A new journal of interest…

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Secularism: A dry well

There are many books listed here I want to read.  I would also suggest that those interested in the topics on this blog consider reading some of these as well.“And this brings me back, at last, to why the best … Continue reading

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Good Reads

These look like good books, here and here. They are definitely on my list of future reads. Nice endorsement for Plantinga’s book: “It’s astonishing that so many scientists, philosophers, and theologians think there is a serious conflict between science and … Continue reading

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Hart: Atheist Delusions—Chapter Nine

Chapter nine is entitled “An Age of Darkness.” This chapter completes Part Two of the book. Before Hart goes forward in Part Three to discuss the role of Christianity as a positive revolutionary force in western culture, he notes the … Continue reading

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Hart: Atheist Delusions—Chapter Eight

Chapter eight is entitled “Intolerance and War.” The last chapter dealt with the same topic focused on the historically inaccurate secular telling of the Church’s dealings with heresy and the events surrounding witch hunts and the various inquisitions. In this … Continue reading

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"Ditchkins" Or Dumb and Dumber

Andrew O’Hehir reviews Terry Eagleton’s book on atheism here. Very nice and aptly entitled.

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New Cavanaugh Book

William Cavanaugh has a new book coming out and it’s already on my Amazon wish list. This looks like a great read. The unmasking of modernity continues.

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Hart: Atheist Delusions—Chapter Six

Chapter six is entitled “The Death and Rebirth of Science.” In this chapter Hart dissolves one of the most, if not the most, pernicious myths of modern times. In short, that religion in general, and Christianity in particular, has been … Continue reading

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Theologico-Political in Finland

I wish I had the time (and resources) to go to this. It looks like a great conference. One of the speakers, Hent de Vries, has several interesting books out there, especially this one. This conference and books like these … Continue reading

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Hart: Atheist Delusions—Chapter Five

Chapter five is entitled “The Destruction of the Past.” This chapter is closely related to the themes of chapter four and follows almost seamlessly. Specifically though, Hart addresses the myth that after the fall of Rome it was the West’s … Continue reading

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