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The Either/or Dichotomy, Modernity, Fundamentalism, the Grinch, and Epiphany

The hallmark of modernity is a refusal of paradox and mystery and a commitment to an either/or, black and white, dichotomous way of perception.  This, in turn, is the breeding ground of all fundamentalism, whether secular or religious.  It is … Continue reading

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One Life

I’ve posted this before (or a variant) but it is always pertinent on this eve of gift giving. If you give a gift to someone today or tomorrow, or receive a gift, a ripple started 2000 years ago from one … Continue reading

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God With Us

We come again to that season of the year where a nation—indeed a (western) civilization—pauses to recognize the birth of a man because it is somehow more than the birth of a man. That absurd and impossible founding event—that scandal. … Continue reading

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