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The Coen Brothers, Hitchens, and the Pope

There is a good movie review here that is interesting to me, not because of the movie per-se, its main character, the story, or the cinematic techniques involved, but in the reviewer’s nod to postmodernism and how her comments dovetail with many of … Continue reading

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An Honest Atheist

A quick aside and then on to my next post.  There are just so many good things here, but I will pick out a few. As Hamblin’s case makes clear, even defenses of religion in the publications of university presses … Continue reading

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No Longer an Atheist

The holidays and work have given me little chance to reflect much upon the passing of notorious atheist Christopher Hitchens. Out of all the many written reflections out there, I would have to say Glenn Peoples’ perspective comes closest to … Continue reading

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Cavanaugh, Hitchens, and Violence

Here is a good piece regarding how we might think about what “religion” means and also how the myth of religious violence is used to support secular violence.

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