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A Moral Revolution

As to climate change, this essay gets to the heart of the problem.  Facts and information, by themselves, do not change people’s minds nor the practices of corporations or governments.  If it were a simple matter of education or knowing … Continue reading

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God and Climate Change

Nice to see the President bringing God into the conversation.  And by the way naturalists, this would do more in a decade in a positive way for change, than naturalist’s pontificating about the purposeless, meaningless, nothing will matter in a million years, … Continue reading

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The Christian Narrative to the Rescue—Why?—because the Secular Narrative Sucks and it certainly Inspires No One to Change Anything

Here To achieve the moral goal of equality of opportunity for future generations and distant peoples we have rapidly got to change our way of living now and in the present. This will require the committed actions and participation of … Continue reading

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