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Love’s Mysterious Difference: God is love (I John 4:7)

This post is a follow-up to this one and the comment section.  It may be we can come at this issue of mystery and love from a different angle.  Since focusing on the word “mystery” did not get us very … Continue reading

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Science is not about certainty and neither is Religion

Due to the extent of the comments over a rather innocuous link in one of my “Friday Roundup” posts, I want to stop and devote an entire post to some of the issues that came up in that discussion.  I … Continue reading

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What Are We Willing To See?

Here is a fairly good example of why evidential type apologetics,  whether done by evangelicals or atheists, more often than not end up going nowhere.  The truth is that we “see” what we want to see.  As noted in the essay- … Continue reading

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Brown on Brains

How easily one can push aside the obfuscation, the scientific jargon, and the smoke to point out the rather obvious. “So when we’re discussing thought and conscious processes, talking about minds is precise, and even measurable (what else do public … Continue reading

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