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Friday Roundup

What the writer of this essay doesn’t probably get, is that many “religious” or people of faith also see these trends as a good thing.  All it means is that fundamentalism is losing its grip.  It says nothing about people becoming less spiritual … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Two—What Do We Do With Religious Truth?—Part Two–

To further flesh out where Caputo is going regarding religion he brings up two historical figures who were very insightful as to the condition and effects of modernity.  He first brings up Max Weber (1864-1920), who, as he notes, “was … Continue reading

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On the Highway to McHell with the Cult of Self Behind the Wheel

If anyone wants to know what economics is really about or why we in the West find ourselves where we do can go here. “Is meaningful resistance to the Cult of the Self even possible? Can a final, irrevocable descent … Continue reading

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A Christian Commonwealth?

Is this the best idea for Europe’s future?  I believe it is. The bankruptcy of the secular “market-state” Across Europe and elsewhere, there is an inchoate awareness that big government and big business have colluded at the expense of the … Continue reading

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Economics is Philosophy/Theology

Most of all the theorizing one hears today in the area of economics is surface nonsense that either completely glosses over the deeper realities or simply presumes the modern categories and understandings.  This is to say, it hides or forgets … Continue reading

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Everything is Spiritual

Even the economic. Modern scientific materialism, on the other hand, is the dangerous illusion that all is reducible to the merely material, and that science can eventually overcome any limits that the merely material might put in our way. Davis … Continue reading

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Milbank on Democracy

A thought provoking piece here by John Milbank on the potential dangers of liberal democracy in our time. A quote: Thus increasingly, liberal politics revolves around supposedly guarding against alien elements: the terrorist, the refugee, the person of another race, … Continue reading

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The Problem with the Global Financial System?

This is a very interesting essay by Philip Goodchild regarding the current economic crisis. Goodchild looks at the current crisis from a philosophical viewpoint and, of course, reveals that economics is philosophy. The day is over that anyone should think … Continue reading

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Money is God

Phillip Goodchild writes here about his book Theology of Money . Of note, he writes: …Where God promises eternity, money promises the world. Where God offers a delayed reward, money offers a reward in advance. Where God offers himself as … Continue reading

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Short Term Thinking–Wrong for the Environment and the Economy

Here is a good article on the foolishness of Keynesianism. Not only is this short-term thinking damaging to the future economy it is ultimately damaging to the environment. As the writer notes: Our unquestioned belief that the world’s resources are … Continue reading

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