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Again, Whence the Agnosticism?

First: Happy New Year!  Now, let’s review the last several posts (not counting Friday Roundup) and conversations: Objection 1. While God or some spiritual aspect to existence may exist, we could know nothing of either, or, if we could, it … Continue reading

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Whence the Agnosticism Now?

So, we’ve learned a lot through the comment threads from the last several posts.   We now know there were things “heard” and quite a bit of “reading into” things no one was asserting or saying; in fact, things I have … Continue reading

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What Does Narrative Encompass and Other Questions

I want to address an issue that has come up from time to time regarding Narrative and what it encompasses as far as the physical world and meta-physical beliefs.  If one goes here and then goes through the comment section, … Continue reading

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The Last Dogma

I often get the impression that when people hear me use words like postmodern, narrative, world-view, and the like they think I am basically just making this stuff up or using it in a sense that is peculiar to me.  … Continue reading

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“Naïve Empiricism”

Robert John Russell makes a point here that dovetails nicely with my last post and notes something I have been pointing out for some time now. 3. Vast new insights in philosophy and theology. We are also living through an … Continue reading

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“Lies, Damned Lies…”

Interesting essay here. This array suggested a bigger, underlying dysfunction, and Ioannidis thought he knew what it was. “The studies were biased,” he says. “Sometimes they were overtly biased. Sometimes it was difficult to see the bias, but it was … Continue reading

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Following the Evidence Indeed

It is often assumed that believers or theists, people of faith, believe in God’s existence in spite of evidence to the contrary or that they believe with no supporting evidence. Now, we know what people mean when they make this … Continue reading

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At Last–An Interesting Atheist

The power of the Christian narrative here. One of the interesting things I’ve found from reading your blog is that you are in fact an atheist. What relevance do you see this theory having for atheists?Well, first I want to … Continue reading

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