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The Either/or Dichotomy, Modernity, Fundamentalism, the Grinch, and Epiphany

The hallmark of modernity is a refusal of paradox and mystery and a commitment to an either/or, black and white, dichotomous way of perception.  This, in turn, is the breeding ground of all fundamentalism, whether secular or religious.  It is … Continue reading

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Is the Universe a Causally Closed System-and What About our Brains?

Well, we finally get to it.  All this time, this is what Bernard has really been arguing.    All the convolutions, contortions, circling, and looping could have been prevented if only at the very first, it would have been asserted: The … Continue reading

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How do we Know what we Know, Part Two

For background to the following, see here, here, and here especially the comment sections.  This post is a continuation of that conversation. What I am about to describe, I think, is the experience of the vast majority of people in … Continue reading

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How Do We Know What We Know?

Most “normal” people, people who have actual lives, have probably tuned out at this point if they’ve been following at all the comment thread in my last post about love and mystery.  The saga continues here.  I’m sure from the … Continue reading

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God can never be and ought never to be reduced to a mere object for consideration, for in faith God is experienced as the ultimate subject.  God is not a theoretical problem to somehow resolve but rather a mystery to … Continue reading

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