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Category Errors and Other Problems

When we think about the types of assertions Christians make when they talk about the Judeo-Christian narrative, how are we to understand those assertions?  When Christians speak of “God”, in Trinity, what exactly are they referring to?  Is this God … Continue reading

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The Secular is Parasitic and Must Borrow

This short essay here deals with a further essay by philosopher Stanley Fish and a book by Steven Smith. All three bring up great points. The issues discussed go to much of the conversation swirling around this blog post by … Continue reading

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The Mind-Body Problem

There is a very interesting conversation that’s been going on here in the thread of responses. Much of it is ground well traveled, but interesting none the less. I also came across this book review, which revolves around the same … Continue reading

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Logical Positivism

Eric Reitan has a good post here on logical positivism. Much of what Eric covers also goes to points made here.

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