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When is Violence Justified? What is Justice?

Thrasymachus famously asserted that, “Justice is nothing but the advantage of the stronger.”  However ancient, it sounds all too modern and western in at least a tacit manner, if not outright admission.  “Justice” may be only a word that communicates … Continue reading

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The Justified Use of Violence/Power, Part Two

Now, with the context set in place with my last post (Part 1), let’s look closer at the question: What justifies the use of violence when two parties cannot reach a peaceful resolution?  I am asking this whether it is … Continue reading

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The Justified Use of Violence/Power, Part One

It became rather clear (see here and the comment section) given the comments by Bernard and Burk, that both misunderstood my post on ethics and power.  So, here I will attempt to come at the same point but from a … Continue reading

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Final Postscript (we hope) on Nietzsche

From many of the comments regarding Nietzsche, it is clear more needs to be said, or re-said, since most of this was pointed out in my or other’s responses in the comments. From the Stanford source on Nietzsche, some points … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter Five—Postmodern Prophets—Part Three

Continuing with Nietzsche, we come to his idea of “eternal recurrence.”  *Caputo puts it thus: “Eternal recurrence is the mythic idea that the course of time will be repeated over and over again, and has already been repeated an infinite … Continue reading

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Human Morality

Bernard’s response can be found here.  There is no need to respond to the selection and physics parts of the response because they were dealt with on this blog in the comment sections here and here, and Bernard eventually let … Continue reading

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Autonomous Moral Reflection

If anyone out there (doubtful!) has been following the comments regarding the issue of progressive Christian beliefs and whether or not they “clash” with science, certainly they’ve realized this has turned into a rather big dust-up as they say.  Who … Continue reading

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Whence and Why

This post is a response to this one by Bernard Beckett and it deals with the area of morality and ethics.  Bernard has an interesting take on this whole area and it seems to boil down to “desire” or his … Continue reading

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Whence Ethics?

Bernard and RonH are having an interesting conversation in the comment section of an earlier post regarding how we ground ethics.  It may help for them to read here and here and see if any new light is shed.

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Right v. Wrong

The only thing funnier than this is that it is where many naturalist’s views on morality (power or majority decides what is moral) should logically take them.

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