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What Are We Willing To See?

Here is a fairly good example of why evidential type apologetics,  whether done by evangelicals or atheists, more often than not end up going nowhere.  The truth is that we “see” what we want to see.  As noted in the essay- … Continue reading

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Farewell the Office

I love The Office.  In my view, hands down, it was the best sit-com of the past decade.  Each character was perfect as a “type” of a person we all know—and especially known in the office world or environment—but my … Continue reading

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Breaking up with Jesus

This post brings up a very interesting aspect to the way Evangelicals think about salvation and what it means to follow Jesus. In too much of the Evangelical world, the idea of being a Christian turns Jesus into a ghostly … Continue reading

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Obama and Warren

It will be interesting to see how evangelicals react to this. Beyond it being a shrewed political move by President-elect Obama, I’m not sure what to make of it. Clearly the Left and a segment of the Gay community are … Continue reading

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