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Sorry, Your Philosophy is Not Science or Fact…Part Two

And so it continues… (Where is Ron to point this out to us?)  I think we at least have an understanding that no one here speaks for “science”.  We may assert that the other person has a view we personally … Continue reading

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Sorry, Your Philosophy is Not Science or Fact and Neither is Mine–One of Them May be True However

Before we get to the matter of our metaphysical frameworks/narratives not being “science” or “fact” let’s start here and herewhere we are told our brains are not computers and that the mind will remain a mystery to science.  And, I … Continue reading

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The Either/or Dichotomy, Modernity, Fundamentalism, the Grinch, and Epiphany

The hallmark of modernity is a refusal of paradox and mystery and a commitment to an either/or, black and white, dichotomous way of perception.  This, in turn, is the breeding ground of all fundamentalism, whether secular or religious.  It is … Continue reading

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Is the Universe a Causally Closed System-and What About our Brains?

Well, we finally get to it.  All this time, this is what Bernard has really been arguing.    All the convolutions, contortions, circling, and looping could have been prevented if only at the very first, it would have been asserted: The … Continue reading

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Human Morality

Bernard’s response can be found here.  There is no need to respond to the selection and physics parts of the response because they were dealt with on this blog in the comment sections here and here, and Bernard eventually let … Continue reading

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Autonomous Moral Reflection

If anyone out there (doubtful!) has been following the comments regarding the issue of progressive Christian beliefs and whether or not they “clash” with science, certainly they’ve realized this has turned into a rather big dust-up as they say.  Who … Continue reading

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No God, no Science?

This book is definitely on my reading list. “A truce is sometimes called between science and theology, by thinkers on both sides. Michael Hanby, however, shows a way forward more profitable than truce, found in the common ground between theology … Continue reading

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Good interview here, or as blogger Arni Zachariassen put it: “Jarod Longbons interviews the quite badass Conor Cunningham.”

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Martin Nowak

Well if this is any indication of where this conversation is moving, we can perhaps begin to see more light at the end of the tunnel. Martin Nowak is herein described by a Harvard colleague as “the greatest evolutionist ever.” … Continue reading

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Competing Myths

There is a very good essay here regarding comprehensive narratives or explanatory frameworks. The writer correctly notes that both creationism and evolution are really myths that function in this way for their adherents. He notes: “There are two contrasting accounts … Continue reading

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