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“It’s All in Your Head.” Part II

There was an abundance of responses/comments to my post, “It’s All in Your Head.”  Wow.  Somehow that topic was linked to my post on consequences.  Anyway, I noted I could certainly be wrong as to the charge I was committing … Continue reading

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What is True? (Part Two)

Since I’ve been on the road for the past week and a half, I’ve sporadically followed the comments surrounding my last post, but never really had the time to respond.  It seems to me they eventually went slightly off track and came perilously close … Continue reading

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It’s All in Your Head…

A constant refrain one hears from the more angry atheists is that religious belief is purely psychological.  When one asserts that God exists, he is really asserting an inner mental state or frame of mind—he is not really commenting on … Continue reading

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Ahhh, we spoke too soon. Like the many headed Hydra, as the head of sociobiology fell to the ground, another rose in its place—the head of Evolutionary Psychology. From Darwin’s Pious Idea: “Whatever happened to Sociobiology? The answer is that … Continue reading

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