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Again, Whence the Agnosticism?

First: Happy New Year!  Now, let’s review the last several posts (not counting Friday Roundup) and conversations: Objection 1. While God or some spiritual aspect to existence may exist, we could know nothing of either, or, if we could, it … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Mirror

I’m going to wrap up this series on evaluating differing narratives.  To reiterate, often I am asked, if we cannot found or prove a narrative empirically/scientifically, how can we know which one is true?  My first response has always been … Continue reading

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I’ve noted James H. Olthuis before (many times now!).  He isn’t the end-all, be-all of worldview—I think many others also unpack worldview very nicely, but he does provide a good working definition even if I think some things could be worded or explained … Continue reading

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I’m re-posting something I posted several months ago just for reference and review as it is evident from some of the recent comments–that it is still not clear to some what I’m saying.  Disagree with me, object vigorously, but I am … Continue reading

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What Does Narrative Encompass and Other Questions

I want to address an issue that has come up from time to time regarding Narrative and what it encompasses as far as the physical world and meta-physical beliefs.  If one goes here and then goes through the comment section, … Continue reading

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Questions and Food for Thought

Bernard, perhaps it might help if we thought about these questions and their possible implications: 1.    Would you describe your “distaste” as having negative or positive connotations for you personally?  For either, does that suggest you must already have in mind … Continue reading

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In response to JP, and RonH’s comments regarding narrative in the last comments thread, I am re-posting something I posted a couple of years ago.  Again, I am not using the words world-view, narrative, or faith based upon my own … Continue reading

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Again: We all live by Faith

Bernard, in the post on Nagel I know several issues came up regarding questions you had as to the assertion I make that all of us, whether atheist, theist, or agnostic come to our final conclusions by faith.  And again, … Continue reading

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No Apologies

If I were to sum up how I understand my faith (more about that word in a moment) this essay is what I would point towards as a very good example of that understanding.  I would hazard to guess that … Continue reading

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All Evidence is Interpreted Evidence

I’ve posted this before, but given the last several posts and the comments–I will post it again. Some quotes: The reasons you must give, however, do not come from outside your faith, but follow from it and flesh it out. … Continue reading

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