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On Free Will

My last post generated some very interesting points, questions, and observations from the comment section.  The purpose of that post was not to prove or give a detailed argument for the free-will or libertarian perspective.  Rather, it was to point … Continue reading

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“But, I live as if it weren’t true…”

I think one of the most, if not the most, significant indicator that one’s world-view (narrative, story, faith, which includes philosophical naturalism, scientism, empiricism, etc.) is false, unhealthy, or extremely weak is if it ever leads one to say something … Continue reading

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No Ability to do Otherwise?

Clearly Jerry Coyne is a philosophical naturalist, atheist, and also, in my mind, a fundamentalist.  I’m just wondering what anyone out there might make of this recent essay of his.  Do you agree, disagree, partially agree or disagree?  And why.  … Continue reading

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We Must Have Free-Will or We Wouldn’t Care One Way or the Other

Continuing in Darwin’s Pious Idea, we come to naturalism and the “hard problem” of consciousness, of which is bound up all the problems (if one is a naturalist) of free-will, agency, morality, and others. Reading through this section brought to … Continue reading

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