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Love, Pumpkins, Mystery, and the Unknowable

This post is in reference to this post and this one, and the comment thread to each.  Each gives the background to what I hope to discuss here.  I give these references for context.  Anyone can read each and see … Continue reading

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Voices of Reason

Here is a very good blog post and timely because it touches on many of the elements we’ve been discussing in this series on Caputo’s book. The most notable element being how secular fundamentalism is just the other side of … Continue reading

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In Praise of Mystery—Certainty is for Fundamentalists

This post is a reflection upon this one by Bernard Beckett regarding his agnosticism. First of all, I should point out those features that I appreciate and commend.  The two features in Bernard’s post that resonated with me were tolerance … Continue reading

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Speaking of Psychology…

Interesting thoughts here… An article by Frans De Waal that seeks to understand why “Militant Atheism Has Become a Religion” seems relevant here. As an Emory psychology professor who conducts research on primate behavior, and an atheist himself, his criticism … Continue reading

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More Ignorance…

More ignorance here about what is “natural” or not… It would appear that some semblance of biology (or the blanket term “natural”) plus fundamentalism (of either the secular or religious type) leads to crack pottery…

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Fundamentalism is the Zombie after the Death of Modernity

Fundamentalism is a by-product of modernity. And after the death of modernity, we should think of fundamentalism (whether religious or secular) as the walking dead—the last shambling and ugly vestiges of a dualistic world-view shattered by the 20th century’s plunge … Continue reading

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Interesting Quotes

I speak from experience, being strongly subject to this fear myself: I want atheism to be true and am made uneasy by the fact that some of the most intelligent and well-informed people I know are religious believers. It isn’t … Continue reading

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Maybe the New Atheists Need to Read More Literature?

This piece is interesting because the writer is “a staff writer and book critic at The New Yorker and Professor of the Practice of Literary Criticism at Harvard University. He is regarded as one of the world’s finest and most … Continue reading

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Good News

This new finding is good news. Perhaps as these young people come into their own in society and culture, they will bring a new (actually an old) understanding to these two areas of knowledge. What is that understanding: There is … Continue reading

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