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David B. Hart

Whether one likes him or not, David Bentley Hart is, I believe, one of America’s best theologians/philosophers. One can disagree or agree with him–what one cannot do is dismiss him. Here are some great video interviews with Dr. Hart where … Continue reading

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On the Visibility of the Church

In an earlier post I commented on Nathan Kerr’s new book, Christ History and Apocalyptic. There is a very interesting conversation taking place at The Church and Postmodern Culture: Conversation, also revolving around Nate’s book. Nate was kind enough to … Continue reading

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Constantinianism equals Gnosticism?

I have been reading through Nathan Kerr’s (another really cool guy I met in Rome) new book Christ, History and Apocalyptic. It is extremely thought provoking. He engages three theologians- Ernst Troeltsch, Karl Barth, and Stanley Hauerwas. I am somewhat … Continue reading

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