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Second Postscript on Nietzsche

Another great interpreter of Nietzsche, because he takes him seriously, is David B. Hart.  Hart is still considered by many to be America’s best living theologian.  From this essay I have quoted, in length, where he turns to Nietzsche in … Continue reading

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Before moving on to my next post, I came across this and it of course speaks to many areas I’ve brought up in the past.  Again, when we think about the impact of narratives upon cultures, can it tell us something “true” … Continue reading

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Liberty: An Idol?

I just started a very interesting book by Christopher Ferrara.  Along with my regular posts, I plan to post every now and again quotes from the book that strike me.  I may not reply to any comments regarding these, but … Continue reading

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Category Errors and Other Problems

When we think about the types of assertions Christians make when they talk about the Judeo-Christian narrative, how are we to understand those assertions?  When Christians speak of “God”, in Trinity, what exactly are they referring to?  Is this God … Continue reading

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No Philosophy—No Science

A response to my last post perpetuates a common myth, which is that modern science simply appears at some point in history as an accident of some sort and one completely isolated from context, philosophical influence, and somehow a-historical.  Or, … Continue reading

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A Narrative Allowed for (created) Science

Here is just another example of how ridiculous it is for some to suggest there is some sort of conflict between religion and science or even science and philosophy. It makes one wonder. Do the people who suggest such things … Continue reading

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A True Revolution

Some historical facts here. “Over the centuries, Christians can certainly be accused of failing to live up to their principles. But the very accusation is revealing. Pagans could hardly be accused of failing to achieve standards they never recognized.”

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Opening the Mouth and Removing all Doubt

Is the “new” atheist echo chamber so small they really don’t have a clue as to the key influences that brought us Western Civilization? Really? Have they read anything other than Dawkins or Dennett? Do they live in caves? Do … Continue reading

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