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We Are All "Confessional"

Jamie Smith, as always, pulls the curtain back from those who think they are doing their scholarship from some neutral space, as if they had been dropped down directly from heaven, at this moment in time, with all knowledge, and … Continue reading

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"The Secular is Religious"

It has probably become obvious to anyone who knows me or reads this blog (the few who do) but if anyone has ever wondered what approach I take as far as addressing atheism it is summed up here by Jamie … Continue reading

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A Return to the Same

James K.A. Smith reviews Francis Beckwith’s book about his return to Rome. Francis J. Beckwith (Ph.D., Fordham) at one time was the president of the Evangelical Theological Society. He has written several books and was considered a leading and intellectual … Continue reading

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Rethinking the Secular and the Religious

I wish I had the time in January to go to this conference. Looks good.

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