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More on the Grinch’s “More” and also Dawkins

There is so much here in Milbank’s essay one could comment on, but I want to focus specifically on the idea of the “more” spoken of in my last post in reference to the Grinch in the holiday Christmas classic … Continue reading

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Caputo: Chapter One—Modernity and the Eclipse of Truth—Part Three

In the last post we talked about the rise of modernity, it’s twin mothers (The Enlightenment and the Reformation), and how this changed how we understood something to be “true” and indeed what the very concept of “truth” meant.  We … Continue reading

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False Narratives

That the Modern Liberal West is quickly becoming an Emperor shedding his clothes (or already has?) can best be seen perhaps in a couple of essays by two very different thinkers. Or, are they that different? Slavoj Zizek is an … Continue reading

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The Politics of Atheism

John Milbank has written here of the link between atheism, the Left, and nihilism. Regardless of Milbank’s greater point, underlying his theme is the reality that the secular, politics in general, and the Left and Right are all imagined and … Continue reading

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Milbank on Democracy

A thought provoking piece here by John Milbank on the potential dangers of liberal democracy in our time. A quote: Thus increasingly, liberal politics revolves around supposedly guarding against alien elements: the terrorist, the refugee, the person of another race, … Continue reading

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Milbank Interview

This is an interesting interview with John Milbank. Of note: “Atheistic philosophy still finds itself caught in a theoretical version of the nihilistic aporia depicted by the 19th-century Russian novelist. Either, like Kirillov, it can assert human reason or freedom … Continue reading

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The Times Higher Education looks at Milbank and RO here.

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