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The Scientistas and Dead Philosophies

Wow, another voice of reason within the ranks.  I can’t wait to see how he is miss-read and misunderstood here.  From a cursory glance through the comment section of the link, it is clear that reading comprehension and actually being … Continue reading

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The Nation Gets It

Did the New Atheists (and many old ones) get the memos regarding the 20th Century and the demise of Positivism?

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Here is an interesting post on the renaissance of Christian philosophy. Part of what caught my eye is that I often think this (the renaissance) is common knowledge, but from my last post and the comment section—clearly it isn’t. Who … Continue reading

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There is an interesting conversation going on over at Eric Reitan’s blog under the post “Mind-Body Issues,” in the comment section. Instead of taking up Eric’s space in the limited comment section, I thought I would address Cheek and Burk … Continue reading

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Logical Positivism

Eric Reitan has a good post here on logical positivism. Much of what Eric covers also goes to points made here.

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