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More “Before Auschwitz”

Here is another review of the book I noted in an earlier post.  Some quotes: “For this to work as intended, it is essential that one avoids what Hinlicky calls “the retrospective fallacy.” In studying the history of Nazism, all … Continue reading

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Science is not about certainty and neither is Religion

Due to the extent of the comments over a rather innocuous link in one of my “Friday Roundup” posts, I want to stop and devote an entire post to some of the issues that came up in that discussion.  I … Continue reading

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Natural Selection and Other “just so stories”

The Capitalists and the Materialists both have their invisible god at work silently in our midst—a god who explains everything and nothing, all at once.  A neat trick if you can pull it off.  People actually think there is some … Continue reading

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A Bad Bargain Indeed

This essay, which is a follow-up to a previous essay and post, dovetails nicely with my last post.  If we reduce everything to matter-in-motion swirling around in a purposeless and meaningless universe, we eventually disappear.  One could say that the … Continue reading

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We Are Human

A very good essay here.  This is indeed what happens when we forget the “lifeworld.”  The materialist can tell us all day long that there is no ultimate purpose or meaning to existence, that his or her love for their … Continue reading

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Conor on Materialism

Nice essay here on materialism/ultra-Darwinism by Conor Cunningham. “I read recently in the newspaper that Richard Dawkins has funded a children’s summer camp, one that will encourage atheism, or what Dawkins would probably spin as “open-mindednesses.” The problem being, as … Continue reading

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Competing Myths

There is a very good essay here regarding comprehensive narratives or explanatory frameworks. The writer correctly notes that both creationism and evolution are really myths that function in this way for their adherents. He notes: “There are two contrasting accounts … Continue reading

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Forget May 21st—Materialism Already Ended Existence

Many a naturalist (all?) lives under the spell of thinking he is simply noting “facts” and throwing his objective gaze around robotically and as if he had appeared without birth, family, culture, education, or influence. Science lends itself to this … Continue reading

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That Science Which Would Marry the Age Will Soon Find Itself a Widower

To follow up with my last post, from Darwin’s Pious Idea, in addressing materialism/naturalism we come to the area of physics and what we might learn as to how our current understanding addresses materialism. Rather than provide much commentary, I … Continue reading

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Secular—I am Your Father!

In Darwin’s Pious Idea, we come to one of the still prevalent modern myths—the religious v. science myth. Well, what can one say? There are people out there who still believe President Obama was born somewhere other than U.S. soil. … Continue reading

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