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Book Reveals Defective Brain?

Okay, if the most generous review of one’s “secular” anti-republican/conservative book one can get is from an organization like this one, then one has some problems.  The Center for Inquiry states, partly, its mission as thus: The mission of the … Continue reading

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The Mind-Body Problem

There is a very interesting conversation that’s been going on here in the thread of responses. Much of it is ground well traveled, but interesting none the less. I also came across this book review, which revolves around the same … Continue reading

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Heckling as a Public Service

Here is another very good essay in The New Atlantis that speaks to the mind/brain issue. In reaction to the ubiquitous practice of placing “neuro” in front of almost every designation one could think of the author writes: There is … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Deal With Their Argument, Just Call it "Gibberish"

I have been in a several year e-mail conversation with an atheist (Burk Braun) and I suggested a book to him, which I thought explored the problems with Naturalism pretty well. He disagreed. My interlocutor posted his review of the … Continue reading

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